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Good News Tucson!

altSomeone once said hard work always pays off. I think that person didn't have any money. But anyway that's another story. Today Scott Laos and I met with George Kuck of Pima County Parks and Natural Resources along with several other county workers and officials to go over a temporary dirt park until the Kory Laos concrete park is built. Honestly, I didn't expect much out of the meeting since I've done nothing but wandered down dead ends wonderfully appeased the whole way. Get to the point. County workers will be hauling in dirt to the Kory Laos future site as early as tomorrow, that's right tomorrow. Not all of the dirt will be taken out there until we have a solid plan but they will be trucking it there over the next few weeks/months. They will also be donating a 500 gallon water tank with a hose so we can water the jumps. For now I'm going to be the guy with the key and the plans.... I guess. I'd love to say we're gonna have a sick set of trails right from the get go, but it doesn't work like that. We have to have some small fun stuff for the kiddies and beginners, then an intermediate section, and later down the road we'll have a pro section. But, we have to play nice for awhile and show the county that this place will work, and will help keep kids safe. That's what it is there for. I'm super excited about the project and when I know more details I'll post them up. We'll probably have building parties in the near future so stay tuned and help out if you can! Tucson is going to have a park!

One thing I want to add. We can't just go out there and start moving dirt around until a set plan is put in place. I will let everyone know when the first building party is scheduled. Also, if anyone knows the kids that are already digging on the property please let them know not to do any more digging until we get the plans together. 


BMX riders want in, but skaters, city say no

 Bicyclists lack own facility, but Santa Rita is off-limits

By Megan Neighbor


Tucson, Arizona | Published: 09.08.2009

A sign clings to the fence at Santa Rita Skate Park, banning bicycles from using the still-new $1 million facility.

But bicycle motocross (BMX) riders hope that ban will soon be lifted, at least for two nights a week.

"Kids shouldn't be (BMX) riding on Speedway, when they could be riding safely in a park," said Mike Hines, southwest director for BMXriders.org.

While skateboarders agree Tucson needs a BMX facility, they aren't looking to share Santa Rita Skate Park.


Family works to get BMX bike park to honor son

By Andrea Rivera ARIZONA DAILY STAR Tucson, Arizona | Published: 08.13.2009
Kory Laos' presence is missed, but his family and friends are doing a lot to preserve his memory.

altKory died on May 4, 2007, two days before his 15th birthday, after he was struck by an SUV while riding his bicycle on East Speedway near the University of Arizona.

He loved riding his BMX bike, and all he wanted to do that Friday night was go riding with seven of his friends, said his father, Scott Laos.

It would have been easy to let his son's tragic death tear his family apart emotionally, Laos said, but they wanted to be strong for Kory.

So the Laos family, which includes Kory's mother Lynn and older brother Kyle, and some of their close family and friends have worked tirelessly since Kory's death to get a BMX bike park built in Tucson.

"It's hard and it will always be hard," Laos said of losing his son. "But rather than let it destroy everything, we decided to honor our child."

Kory's family has had some recent success in its two-year journey to get the bike park off the ground.

The Pima County Board of Supervisors agreed last month to name a proposed BMX bicycle park within Flowing Wells District Park after Kory.

The park will be called the Kory Laos Memorial Bike Park.


Let's Share

BMX fans ask the city to allow bikes and boards to spin together at Santa Rita Park

by Mari Herreras -Tucson Weekly
Link :http://www.tucsonweekly.com/tucson/lets-share/Content?oid=1242334

altMike Hines just wanted someone from Tucson's City Hall to listen to what he has to say, and not make him feel like a punk kid who doesn't know better.

The reality is that Hines is hardly a punk: He's 28, employed and married with a 16-month-old son. He also happens to be a lifelong rider of BMX (bicycle motocross) bikes.

For the past year, Hines and his friends have been working to convince the city to allow BMX riders at the new skateboard park at Santa Rita Park. (See "Bike Paradise," Jan. 29.) Their main goal is to find a city facility that can safely accommodate the growing number of kids on BMX who take to the streets, because there's nowhere else to ride.

 Before last week, Hines had directed his appeals to the Parks and Recreation Department, but says he felt largely ignored, even after he organized a protest on Sunday, June 28, that brought more than 100 BMX riders to Santa Rita Park, at 22nd Street and Third Avenue.But after last week, Hines feels people may finally be listening. Hines took his appeal to the Tuesday, July 7, City Council meeting, accompanied by Scott Laos, father of Kory Laos, who was killed after being struck by a car two days before his 15th birthday while riding his BMX with friends near the UA in May 2007.

"I think it went well. The reception seemed positive," Hines says about the City Council meeting.



BMX Park Named in memory of Kory Laos!!!

Today the Pima County Board of Supervisors gave the final approval for the naming of the Freestyle BMX park.The Park will be built on the land donated by Pima county located at Shannon and River.The board approved the naming in the BMX park,that is currently in the design phase,to be in Memory of Kory Laos.The Kory Laos Memorial BMX Bike Park will soon have a sign installed at the location and ideas are being kicked around about a temporary track being built until the actual parks construction begins. Scott,Lynn & Kyle attended the meeting along with several friends of the family & supporters of the BMX riders movement.Scott addressed the board and was given a warm welcome.Scott praised the county for all they have done to help to keep safety in mind when it comes our children and thanked them for considering the naming of the park in memory of his boy Kory. As the board made the decision to approve the name the Laos family and friends were moved to tears."Its been a long road but, we finally did it" Scott said as the entourage exited the hearing room.Now the real work begins as the family awaits a bond election to approve the funds to build the park.Mean while the Laos family will still be accepting donations and holding charity events to raise the money for the temporary parks construction. If you wish to donate in person please attend one of the charity events or mail a check or money order to: 
3500 W. RIVER RD.
TUCSON, AZ. 85741

make the check out to:
In the memo line:

The Laos family would like to thank everyone who has been there for them, Family,Friends and the many wonderful people, who they hardly know, that give them the support and strength to persevere in a time of hardship,to push in a time of weakness and to celebrate the love so many have received from there little boy.

Soon you will be a guest in Kory's Park,looking around at all the children riding and laughing,and you will be able to say to yourself how many of these children's lives did we save.If its just one,thats enough.

Kory Laos Freestyle BMX Park

mapPima county has donated the land for the Kory Laos Freestyle BMX Bicycle Park, which is located at Shannon and the Rillito River Park.

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