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Thank you Granite Construction!

 Granite Construction has come on board to help with the construction of the Temporary park which will be under construction very soon stay tuned for more up dates.Thank you once again Granite for your help towards our cause.

-The Laos Family-

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Bellezza modeling show for Kory


Thank you Glass Onion Cafe for all your support!

Great eats, Great music

Thank You Innovative Signs for your vested interest in our cause


Thank You For Your Support!

These are only a few of the great people helping us in our cause everyday.We appretiate you all and lets keep up the fight!



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Victim's father building safe place for kids to bike

TUCSON - With the lack of places for BMX riders to ride in Tucson, two men have banded together to help kids have a safe place other than the streets to go. Scott Laos' son Kory was involved in a tragic accident three years ago. "My little boy was hit and killed by two SUV drivers when he was riding with seven of his other friends down by the University of Arizona," said Scott Laos. Now Laos is trying to protect other families by building the first permanent BMX park in Tucson to honor his son. "BMX bikes have no place to really ride - there is only one place to legally ride and that's right in the middle of a main street on the streets with cars," said Laos. Laos has enlisted the help of Rocky Serna, an expert builder of BMX dirt parks."It's a labor of passion. I love to do it, so the work going into it isn't work to me - it's a part of it," said Serna. Serna has been building parks all over town. The one in the Barrio San Antonio neighborhood took him years to build, but like the others, it is set to be bulldozed in a matter of months. "Something had to be done for these kids to have a place to go and enjoy and ride bikes and have fun and not get hurt or be influenced by outside negative influences," said Serna. He said neighborhoods benefit from areas where he builds. "From mattresses to cigarette butts - we picked up all of that for the last five to six years," said Serna. For the kids who are not into organized sports, it gives them a chance to practice their passion. "It kind of gives you a thrill when you ride it and the feeling of being up in the air is kind of awesome," said 14-year-old Destoni Freis. Laos is looking forward to the day when his permanent park will be built. He said it may take a few years and when it happens it will be bittersweet. "It's going to be hard to watch all the other kids having fun in a park named after my son but it will also be very gratifying," said Laos.


Thank You Glass Onion for another great Benefit show for Kory!


KTL BMX park sign dedication ceremony


Students honor fallen FW cyclist with bike park work

By Mandy Roth, Special to The Explorer
Published: May-12-2010 In a three-classroom high school at PPEP Tec Charter, senior Gordon Crouch has been busy finding ways to serve the community. Last Saturday, with the assistance of his peers, Crouch organized a sign dedication ceremony and fundraiser for the future site of the Kory Laos Freestyle BMX Memorial Bike Park.

The senior project became less of a school assignment for Crouch, and more of a gift "in the memory of a good friend."

Crouch was a long-time friend of Laos, who was struck and killed by two SUVs while bike riding near the University of Arizona about three years ago. Since the incident, Crouch has been adopted into the Laos family and joined the crusade to establish the first BMX bike park in Tucson that would provide for a safe bike-riding location.

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