Kory Laos 5/6/1992 - 5/4/2007

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luv yewKory Loas was tragically killed on 05-4-07 in a car-bicycle accident. Two days before his 15th birthday. 

Kory and seven of his best friends were all riding together that night. They were down by the University of Arizona where there is lots of riding area and concrete.

This accident put us on a mission to have a freestyle BMX bicycle park built here in Tucson, AZ. Within Arizona, Phoenix has 4, Flagstaff and Prescott each have one and Tucson which is the second largest city, does not have any.

Sue Ferguson, Family Friend and Neighbor was the charge nurse on duty at University Medical Center (UMC), the night Kory was brought in. She wrote a poem for Kory that was handed out at Kory's funeral. It reads:

May 6, 2007


It's your birthday young Kory, though you aren't here to play
We celebrate your life, on your most special day
From the time you were toddling, to the midst of your teens
We celebrate those days, and each one in between


You were so full of zest and a spirit of fun
You never would walk, if you could possibly run
You ran like the wind, at each new soccer match
You were nearly unbeatable, impossible to catch

With a snub nose and brown hair, wide eyes and quick grin
Looking innocent no matter what trouble you're in
You'de say: "Trouble - who me?? - Oh no, no, no, no!"
Then full of more mischief, once more off you'de go

A bit of a dare-devil, you were as a rule,
Like leaping from a roof to the Ferguson pool
And if something had wheels, like your cycle so small
Bikes, skateboards and blades - Well you just loved 'em all

You took after your Dad, cuz you're funny and smart
Taking life by the horns - short of height, big of heart
Like your Mom you were gentle, and tender and kind
To all of God's creatures, the many you'de find

Oh your brother and you would fight once in awhile
But your forever buddy, was your big brother Kyle
You used to tag along, although rarely a pest
With Kyle and his pals - they thought you were the best!

There are so many kids, you have friends everywhere
Too many to count, but they always were there
Your loyalty was strong, you knew how to have fun
From the wee hours of morning: 'til the day was long done

All your like you were loved - for your spirit and wits
By Anita and Danny, and of course Uncle Fritz
Grandparents, Aunt sue, and more beyond measure
Thought of your life, as God's greatest treasure

But to hold you down Kory - might as well hold the wind
You were doing what you loved, right up to the end
We honor that Kory - and it is our belief
You're still right here with us, in our pain and our grief

But somehow we think, you are shouting "Please see -
See ME everybody - I can fly - I AM FREE!!!"
And this we know Kory - we'll look up at the moon
And you'll peddle right past us - one day, someday soon

You will fill up the heavens, like a great shining star
You illumine our lives, with the light that you are
We'd say "Kory - rest easy", but that isn't your way
So have fun up in heaven - We'll be with you someday.

  • donaven trone  - you were a great friend
    you were a great friend and i was pissed when i found out what happened.
    that poem says a lot and it means even more. when i read it almost brings me to tears. and i think that's awesome what you guys are doing with the bmx park in honer of him.
    I have many people that i have lost and i now look up to everyday but the one that is most remembered and cherished and that is Kory Laos.
    your friend

    Donaven M.Trone
  • Brad Phipps  - Publicity for May 8th and 10th Fundraisers
    Hey Everyone,
    Just got back from 1330am the Jolt.Scott Laos was talking with John C. Scott about Korys story and the efforts to build the park.Mark Ulm & John are great people they are going to do a PSA from now until the shows and any further efforts can be shared with them and their audience.I will be posting some video from todays radio show as well as some video I shot at the silent BMX Protest that took place at the grand opening of the Santa Rita Skate park facility.Stay tuned for more info and video from all our shows will be here to view as well.
    Much love to you all...

  • josh whitlock
    At the funeral i was trying so hard not to cry even tho i saw kory ridin with all his buddies right by my house almost every day, but when this poem was read i cried my eyes out worse than i ever have before, it started a chain reaction and all the people around me lost their composure also. This is such a true and heart warming poem, when i read it i can just picture kory ridin along with those blue tires and 7 other kids right behind them.
  • Dalton lutz  - Memory
    Dear kory,
    I know your cousin Dakota Williams and when I saw him break down in tears I could tell he really loved you! I think I only met you once but I know you were a great person from what I've heard about you. I think it is great what you guys are doing, building a safe bike park for the kids, I bike myself and I could tell you I will be there alot!

    R.I.P kory
    - Dalton lutz
  • juan  - angel
    I think that kory is proud of wat everybody is doing i bet his happy and smiling because he made tha differents god bless him and his familia
  • Scott Laos  - Thank You
    Thanks from the bottom of are hearts.
    The Laos family.
  • Juan Angel  - Just another bike accident.
    Nuff said.
  • saisamone  - wonderfull person
    hi my name is sai.i went to elementry school with kory.i wasnt all that popular with th kids but when ever i was down or something kory was always there makeing me smile.he use to always draw my name in this awsome art work.i miss him very much he was a wonderfull person.i think its great what you guys are doing.god bless everyone
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Any contributions collected can be sent to: Pima County Natural Resources

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Checks are made out to: Pima County Parklands Foundation

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